You’re Battling Wrong!

If you did not know, Pokémon Go has a “Party” where you can pre-pick 6 Pokémon to use in battles, whether that’s Gym or Raid battles.

When we publish our “Raid Counters” that’s your chance to put together a killer “Party”. In this Party, you put all of your most powerful Pokémon from the Counter Post so when the time comes, you are ready and not wondering what Pokémon to use, or Relying on Niantics (mediocre) recommended set.

Here’s how to set up a Pokemon Go Pokemon Party

1. Press the Pokeball

2. Press Party

3. Select Gyms & Raids

4. Name Your Party

5. Pick your Pokemon

That’s it, you just created your first party. If you are battling a three to five-star raid, we suggest you make a couple of Parties!