Top iOS 13 Features

So last Monday was WWDC, and BOY was I excited! Lots of things were announced like the new Photos app, Sign in with Apple, new update to Maps and much more, but in this post, we’re going to be talking about things I’m excited for coming this September!

Dark Mode

So Dark Mode has finally come to iOS after going to tvOS, and macOS, and BOY AM I EXCITED! We’ve only been begging for it for YEARS! I love it so much I haven’t turned it off since I installed the beta last Monday! It is so easy on the eyes! No more BLINGING WHITE light in the middle of the night!

Swipe Keyboard

Yea we know Android had it first, but honestly who cares? iOS finally has it! and its Works great in beta 1, which only mean it can only get better with more versions of Betas!


When it comes to iOS, it is probably the fastest Mobile Operating System in the world. With the new performance changes in iOS 13 apps launch up to 2x faster, and Unlocking with FaceID is up to 30 percent faster. From my experience, FaceID is actually scary fast at this point! I don’t know how they did it through software update! When it comes to launching apps, I can’t really tell! I guess when it releases it will be noticeably faster!


As a person who uses reminders as the main way of keeping track of To-Do, I’m excited about the Updates Apple implamented, with new features like Messages integration, and the New quick toolbar. We can now easily have a reminder pop up the next time were chatting with someone in Messages! With the New quick toolbar adding details to a reminder just got a Whole lot easier, Instead of having click on that microscope “i”, I can finally add all the time and location data I need to add what a couple of taps!