Top Apple Arcade Game According To Reddit

According to reddit users, most used iPhones, and played and enjoyed “WHAT THE GOLF?“ the most. They said they’d keep the subscription after the trial. “Assemble With Care” was the most completed game out of the surveys.

So I went to “The Front Page Of The Internet” Reddit as had r/Apple, r/iPhone and r/AppleArcade vote for their Top Game, and what system they use here are the results!

We got 83 Responses

Q: What is your Primary Apple Arcade Device

The iPhone was the most used device for Apple Arcade

Q: Which Games Have You Played and Enjoyed

Emphasis on the “ENJOYED” part

“WHAT THE GOLF?” was the most played game in the Arcade.

Q: Are you going to keep Apple Arcade after the Trial?

50% of the participants said that they will keep the Subscription after the trial ends!

Q: Have you finished any Games of so Which Ones?

And out of all of the games, Assemble with Care was the most completed game in the arcade so far!