Top 5 Best Selling Video Games Of All Times!

There has always been a lingering sense of competition in the world of video game sales. This isn’t all too surprising considering the competitive nature of gaming in general. Whether you were obsessed like we were with trying to beat my friends best time on Mario Kart 64 time trials or super proud to take the top position ranking position at the arcade and enter those fateful 3 letters, A-S-S, the spirit of competition has kept the gaming industry going since the beginning.

We will be ranking the Top 5 Best Selling Games of all time to see who comes out on top for the victory. It should be noted that we won’t be including free-to-play games like Fortnite and DOTA 2 on this list. Only hard sales will earn games a top spot on this ranking board.

50 Million and rising

A quintessential entry into the battle royale genre, PUBG has been raising the hairs on the back of the necks of players since 2017. This game starts with 100 players being dropped via parachute on to an island where they can explore diverse locales, hunt for weapons and items, and duke it out for the top positions as the play area gets smaller and smaller. 

PUBG has gained legendary status with a total player base of over 400 million. This high number of players reflects that there are several free-to-play editions of the games available on various platforms. But 50 million sales in 3 years isn’t too shabby. 

83 million

Remember the good old days when the world’s biggest concern was over people breaking their TV’s while playing Wii Bowling? There was something so satisfying about the first time you got to use motion gestures to cream your friends in a game of Tennis. This novelty might have faded, but Wii Sports still holds a top spot on our list.

Wii Sport’s came bundled with every Wii system that was ever sold in every region. We don’t know if you remember, but the Wii created quite a bit of a scene when it was released in 2006. This was some folk’s first entry into the world of gaming.

110 million and rising 

If running quests for drug lords, collecting copious amounts of ammunition and weaponry, and exploring an immersive sandbox world is your thing then you’ve probably played this fifth installment in the highly popular albeit controversial series. 

More impressive than it’s 110 million sales figure is its total revenue. GTA V has brought in a whopping $6 billion USD. To put that astronomical number in perspective, Avengers: Endgame, the top-grossing film of all time brought in $2.79 Billion at the box office. GTA V doubled that figure and some. 

200 million and rising

Infinite potential complexity has been the driving force behind Majong Studio’s Minecraft since 2009 when it saw its release. Although it was originally free-to-play, Minecraft’s marketing potential was immediately evident it was quickly slapped with a price tag.

Minecraft has an incomprehensible 126 million monthly players as of 2020. The title has been ported to all relevant platforms allowing users to explore its blocky lego-like sandbox world anywhere they please. Minecraft has a huge cult following and given that there is new user-driven content developed for the game constantly, there is little chance this game will be declining in popularity anytime soon.

500 million and rising

In 1984, the world was given a gift that we would cherish with vigor for decades to come. This classic puzzle game has seen dozens of incarnations and has stood the test of time, retaining its inexplicable playability even in the modern age of technologically advanced blockbuster gaming. 

Some call foul calling this the best selling game of all time as most calculations include all variations’ sales as the basis of its chart-topping sales number. Just using the cold hard data from it’s paid mobile downloads however gives us over 400 million individual transactions. 

Now that you have Tetris’ theme song stuck in your head, consider this fun fact. 18 percent of the world’s total population is estimated to have played Tetris.