Thinnest Nintendo Switch Cases (Early 2019)

If you just bought a Nintendo Switch, you’ll likely want to keep it protected and safe at all times. The portable nature of the Switch makes it a good console to play on the go, but its portability also makes it prone to drops and damage. It’s always smart to buy a carrying case, so we’ve made a list of the five thinnest Nintendo Switch cases available. Regardless of why you want to keep you Switch secure, these are the five thinnest Nintendo Switch cases you can find.

 5. PDP Starter Kit with Travel Case

This is a great package that includes a handful of nice accessories, including a screen protector and some Joycon grips. The simplistic and slim design is a nice accent for your Switch, and a great way to keep it safe on the go.

 4. Mumba Heavy Duty Switch Rugged Case

This case tightly wraps around your Nintendo Switch, making it one of the thinnest options available. This is less of a carrying case and more of a system protector, made with drop-resistance in mind.

 3. RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case

This carrying case is meant to protect your Nintendo Switch during transport, and the sleek Zelda: Breath of the Wild design makes it look cool as well. The thin nature of the case doesn’t comprise your console’s safety, thanks to the hard exterior.

 2. AmazonBasic’s Vault Case

This ultra-cheap carrying case is a fantastic option for those looking for a thin option in their carrying case needs. It’s the least expensive choice on this list, and its compact design perfectly hugs your Switch. 

 1. Nyko Thin Case

The Nyko Thin case for the Nintendo Switch offers fantastic resistance against damage while also preserving the original look of the system. It has a nearly see-through style, protecting both your Joycons and the main console. The system can be docked with the protective case still attached, thanks to its extremely thin design.