Sul sul.

EA’s popular game The Sims is coming to Alexa! (kind of). In the real world, we can use Alexa to order pizza and play trivia games, Well over the winter break, in the Sims universe the Lin-Z Smart Speaker was released, where Sims can listen to music, play trivia, and even order a pizza. With the Alexa Skill the two world are joining!


In the coming weeks, the Alexa Skill be available for download.

[The Alexa Skill] can play any of the songs from The Sims 23, or 4, play a Sims trivia game, or share history about The Sims.

If you max out your relationship to the Lin-Z smart speaker in-game, it’ll tell you some Simlish phrases you can say to the Alexa app. Some of them are things most dedicated Simmers might already know, like the Simlish for “Hello,” which is “Sul sul.” Sharma said that there is a whole “secret vocabulary” for you and your smart speaker to learn.

Heres the stream playback if you want all the details!


Watch Maxis Monthly: January Episode 4 from TheSims on www.twitch.tv

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