Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker | Tips and Tricks

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Updated: 4/17/2020

Secret Technique

  1. Keep your eyes on the secret Techniques gauge, and be ready to use it when it fills.

Combat Battle

  1. Always focus on keeping strength in numbers.


  1. Attack Types excel in close range attacks that utilize power and speed to overwhelm the enemy
  2. Attack Type’ weak point is that they lack defense.
  3. People who want to fight on the front lines and hop around quickly should choose Attack
  4. Attack Types have a lot of ninjutsu that lets them charge full speed ahead, such as Rasengan and Lightning Blade
  5. People who want to attack and support allies from the rear should choose Ranged Type.
  6. Defense Types have a lot of Ninjutsu with Wide Ranges such as Super Expansion Just, and Ninjutsu that can be used to protect their allies, such as Sand Shield


  1. People who want to attack and support allies from the rear should choose ranged type
  2. Heal types strong attack can break enemies guard with a single hit

Flag Batte

  1. When your ally is caring the flag, protect them with all you’ve got.
  2. Use Rasengan and Spiked Human Bolder to knock back enemies!

Hokage Office

  1. Your score is quick matches will not affect your grade or rank
  2. Your results in the Ninja World League can boost or reduce your score.
  3. Your final results can earn you rewards. Work Together with your teammates and try to earn rewards.

Wire Kunai

  1. Gauging how far you can throw your kanji will allow you to prevent yourself from falling.
  2. You can only throw your Kunai so far.


  1. It’s hard to time your evasion perfectly, but once you get used to it, you’ll become able to evade ninja Tools and Ninjutsu!
  2. Weak Attacks are quick and can be used to start combos.
  3. Strong Attacks leave you wide open, but they’re powerful and can break guards.
  4. Switch your lock-on target to change how you evade


  1. Beginner Tip – Samurai have high defense and are


  1. Don’t make a team where everyone is the same role type. Choosing a balanced team is essential!
  2. Hold down the ninjutsu button to make cool down end faster!
  3. Use Ninjutsu when you need to deal a lot of damage at once!
  4. You can cancel out enemy Ninjutsu or Ninja Tool with your own


  1. Master the art of wall-running! Utilizing every element of the field will allow you to build more versatile strategies!
  2. Take Note of your team’s weak points and work together to balance each other out.
  3. Don’t Charge straight towards the enemy after a substitution.
  4. After using a Substation to get behind the enemy, stay calm and choose your next action wisely.
  5. Use Skills that work will with your fighting style.



  1. Training repeatedly in a specific role type might allow you to learn a New Ninjutsu
  2. Hold down the Ninjutsu button to make it cooldown longer.


  1. some attacks cannot be blocked, or will break your guard with a single hit! (like “Type 16”)
  2. As long as you aren’t being attacked, your guard durability will
  3. Be Careful not to guard too much, in order to prevent you guard from getting broken.


  1. Study the battle and the makeup of the enemy team, then change your equipment before you jump back into battle!

Quick Tip

  1. Keep your eye on the clock in battle so that time doesn’t run out!

VR Ninjutsu Arena

  1. Only the party leader can accept missions.