Released on 27th June 2019, the new Update Patch 2.05 includes the following updates to improve the player experience.


New SS Rare Items: Scientific Ninja Tools!

Scientific Ninja Tools are extremely useful ninja tools that can be used by all character roles.

Starting today, the first Scientific Ninja Tool available – the Wind Release Bullet – has been added to the Esoteric Scroll item lineup!

* The lineup of items available from Esoteric Scrolls will now begin to periodically rotate.


Scientific Ninja Tool Release Campaign

We’re also launching a trial campaign to celebrate the first release of the new Scientific Ninja Tool series of items!

All players who have logged into the online lobby at least once before July 4, 2019 are eligible to receive a trial version of the Wind Release Bullet!

Don’t miss this chance to try out the latest in Ninja technology!

* Please note that the Scientific Ninja Tool “Wind Release Bullet” (Prototype) trial item will be available to use only until July 11, after which the item will become unusable.


New Skill Change Feature: “Shinobi Boost”

With the new “Shinobi Boost” feature, it’s now possible for players to use Shinobi Boost Seals to change the skills attached to your costumes and accessories!

The “Shinobi Boost” feature can be found at the Ninja Tools Shop.  Using the “Shinobi Boost” will require a Shinobi Boost Seal, as well as an amount of Ryo depending on the skill to be applied.

To celebrate the launch of the new Shinobi Boost feature, all players who have logged into the online lobby at least once before 3 PM June 27, 2019 are eligible to receive one Shinobi Boost Seal.  Be sure to give it a try!


New Skills

Several new costume and accessory skills have been added to the game!

  • Jacket Skills

– Lightning Speed (Boosts Close-Range Attack speed.)

– Reckless Charge (Boosts Close-Range Attack charge strength.)

  • Bottom Skills

– Indestructible (Boosts guard.)

– Drawn Taut (Decreases max Chakra Jump charge time.)

  • Accessory Skills

– One in a Million (Shortens Ninjutsu cooldown time when an enemy is knocked out.)

– Opportunist (Boosts damage of certain Ninjutsu when an ally is knocked out.)


Players can use the new Shinobi Boost feature to assign these new skills to their existing costumes and accessories right away!


Rule Balance Changes

The following rules have been adjusted to improve the game play experience.

  • Barrier Battle

In order to improve the balance between both offensive and defensive sides, the penalty for offensive players being KO’d has been reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.”


Menu Improvements: Inn

The loadout equipment management screen has been redesigned.

Additionally, players now have the ability to mark specific equipment as “Favorites”, making it easier for players to find the items they want.


Menu Improvements: The Ninja Tools Shop

  • The “Shinobi Boost” option has been added to the Ninja Tools Shop menu. Players will need a Shinobi Boost Seal and an amount of Ryo to use the Shinobi Boost feature.
  • A “Featured Items” area has been added to the Ninja Tools Shopscreen.
  • The reveal animation when opening Scrolls has been updated.
  • With the introduction of SS rare items, the items that players can receive from the various scrolls has been adjusted.Additionally, the inventory of items sold at the Ninja Tools Shop has also been updated.


Ninjutsu, Secret Technique balancing

To increase the number of viable jutsu options for players to use and the variety of battles players can enjoy, a number of ninjutsu and secret techniques have had their numbers and mechanics tweaked.



  • Tornado High

– New: Now heals the player equal to the amount of damage it inflicts when hitting an enemy.

  • Flying Raijin Jutsu

– New: Now applies a movement speed buff to the user after placing a kunai.

– Reduced the amount of time players have to activate the second effect of the ninjutsu.

  • Sage Art, Wood Style: Shinsu Senju Veritable 1000-Armed Kan’on & Chojo Kebutsu Artifacts of the Buddha!

– New: Now hits and damages players who have Subterranean Voyage, Petrifying Jutsu or Needle Jizo active.



  • Tandem Paper Bomb

– Area of effect radius increased to more consistently hit enemies.

– Secret Technique gauge now charges faster.

– New: Now hits players who have Subterranean Voyage active.

  • Totsuka Blade

– New: Now applies a respawn time debuff to enemies it hits.

  • Heaven Concealed

– New: Now hits and damages players who have Subterranean Voyage, Petrifying Jutsu or Needle Jizo active.

  • Fire Style: Giant Flame Bombs

– Reduced damage done to enemies it hits.



  • Summoning: Bring Down The House Jutsu

– New: Now hits players who have Subterranean Voyage active.

  • Earth Style: Petrifying Jutsu

– Reduced the amount of health recovered.



  • Sealing Jutsu: String Light Formation

– Secret Technique gauge now charges faster.



  • Lightning Style: Shadow Clone Jutsu

– New: Now additionally applies an attack damage debuff to an enemy when touched.”