Level up Your Play: 5 of the Best Gaming Accessories

Are you looking for the next best thing to really amp up your gaming habits? Sure, you can get by with just a gaming PC or your favorite console, but why not add some of the best gaming accessories into your routine?

You don’t need anything specific to get started with most of the most popular games, but why not add something extra to your gameplay? 

If you’re looking for cool gaming accessories in 2020, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for some of our favorites. 

1. Logitech Racing Wheel

Do you want the arcade experience without spending all of the quarters in your piggy bank?

Racing games are fun regardless of whether or not you’re using an actual steering wheel, but they take on a whole new attitude when you’re behind the wheel. 

This controller doesn’t make the game anymore realistic, but there’s something satisfying about spinning a wheel to get where you want to go. Whether you play competitively or just for fun, you won’t regret picking one of these up. 

2. Logitech HERO Mouse

When you’re playing on the PC, you’re going to be up against people who are quicker to the draw than you can possibly be with a controller.

You might not even be quick enough with a trackpad or standard computer mouse.

A gaming mouse is going to have a quicker response time. It’s easier to control and smoother to operate, making it a must-have for anyone playing multiplayer games like Fortnite

3. Xbox Elite Controller

Maybe you’re more into controllers. When you’re not playing competitive shooters, controllers can be a more comfortable and relaxing option.

The Xbox Elite controller is highly compatible with many PC games (after a bit of configuration on Steam) and it fits comfortably in the hands. The fact that it’s wireless makes it great for your gaming sessions. 

Kick back and relax wherever you want as long as your monitor is in view. 

4. The Oculus Rift

When the original Oculus Rift hit the shelves, it made a serious splash. This is the future of gaming.

When you want to get immersed in your games you can’t do much better than a legitimate VR headset. 

Warning: you will look silly while you play, but it will be worth it for the experience. 

5. Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

You can’t play games with your friends if they can’t hear you.

Turtle Beach makes high-quality equipment and their headphones are popular for good reason. The gaming headsets have clear microphones, adjustable sound levels, and unbeatable comfort.

The microphone rests comfortably in front of your face but can easily be pushed aside in a pinch. Your co-op gameplay has never been clearer.