How You Can Help Us Grow

Eventide Gaming is an Independent Small Business run by one person on a single income! With that being said, it’s a struggle to pay normals bills plus business expenses and overheads. We have created this page for the people who believe in our message of “TL;DR of Gaming” People who want the headlines with substance. Since we are relatively new, our Google Adsense isn’t in the thousands, it’s in the low cents (like $0.01/day). From our YouTube channel, we make nothing, because we do not meet YouTubes Monetization Requirements (Yet). On Facebook, we make about $0.12/1k Views.

We have created a list of way you can support us, With and Without Money.


  • Follow Us on Social Networks and engage with our content.
    • By doing this you will tell the algorithms that someone actually likes the content and it will show it to other like-minded people.


Buy me some Iced Tea (I don’t drink coffee)