HOW TO: Extend The Battery Life Of Your Gaming Controller!

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

This is how to enable auto-off

From the XMB Scroll up to Settings

Scroll down to Power Save Settings

Select Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off

Select After 10 Minutes

How to turn off the controller

Simply hold the playstation button on the controller for 10 seconds.

Xbox One

Xbox One

Xbox Controllers automatically turn off after 15 minutes, but you can ways force it off. Follow these steps to turn off your controller. (This section won’t have screenshots because I don’t know how to screenshot system on Xbox, if you know let us know in the comments below.)

  1. Press and Hold the Xbox Button on the Controller
  2. Scroll Up and Select Turn off Controller


This is a rather weird way of turning off the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller but here it is.

From the Home screen select Controllers

Select Change Grip/Order

Once Selected, all Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers will be Disconnected and Turned Off.

Updated: 4/12/2020