How to Connect a PS4 & Xbox One Controller to your iOS Device

Here’s a quick an easy, no fluff tutorial on how to pair your PS4 and Xbox One controller to your iOS Device.

Note: Unfortunately not all Games on iOS have Controller support. Controller.wtf has a great list of games that are compatible with controllers. Luckily With Arcade, the game’s store page tell you if controllers are supported.


To put the DualShock 4 controller into paring mode.

  1. Press and Hold the PlayStation Button and Options Button together until the Light Bar starts blinking white
  2. On your iOS Device go to Settings > Bluetooth > and select “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller”
  3. The Light Bar should stop blinking once it has been successfully paired.


To put the Xbox One Controller into paring mode.

Note: Only works with Second Generation Controller! (The one with the 3.5mm Jack or Xbox One S and up Controller)

  1. Press the “Wireless Enrollment Button” on the top of the Controller for a Few seconds till the Xbox Button starts blinking quickly.
  2. On your iOS Device go to Settings > Bluetooth > and select “Xbox Wireless Controller”
  3. The Xbox Button should stop blinking once successfully paired.