First thoughts of Apex Legends

EA came out with a battle royale game to compete with the hugely successful Fortnite’s Battle Royale, and I have spent 3 hours playing it! Here are 5 thoughts I had while playing for about 3 hours!

1. I suck at this game!

I have played a lot of Fortnite, I’ve been playing since “Season 2” so when new game mechanics come around, I am a fish out of the water. If I’m playing with you, I’m dead weight, and I’m sorry! So far i’m only good for recon or to draw fire (and lots of it)!

2. The Graphics are Gorgeous

The terrain is beautiful, The buildings are detailed, the compounds are mazy (in a good way) the water is reflective. I mean it looks like a modern 2019 video games! Detailed down to the dirt piled up in the corners of the building. (kinda wish the vehicles were drivable though)

3. Overwatch + Destiny 2 + Call of Duty = Apex Legonds

To me the Game has a lot of Destiny 2 vibes, but with like Overwatch characters.

4. There are some dedicated people

This game literally just came out and people are already level 86. I played for 3 hours and got to level 5.

5. The little things.

The little things add up. The way the lobby works, how you pick your character in order, and how, we all jump together! It’s rather refreshing!