Apple OS Wishlist (2018)

Thinking about the future of technology is a fun thing to do, you know… you Daydream about flying cars, self-cleaning houses, and the next software update for Apple Devices!

Fun times ?

Since wishful thinking is such a fun thing to do, we wanted to dedicate a whole page just to Apple’s Software.

Below is the most rounded list of features people want to be added to iOS, macOS, TVOS, and watchOS



  • Dark Mode
  • New Design Language
  • Split Screen 
  • Volume HUD Redesign
  • Always On Display
  • Ability to choose default 3rd party apps.
  • Multiple Time Zones Clocks on Lockscreen and Status Bar
  • Battery % Number for X Series instead of Battery Bar
  • Hide Home bar
  • Live App Icon Support
  • Picture in Picture
  • Guest Mode (can be activated via generic passcode like 0000)
  • Shortcuts to Certain Actions on the Home Screen
  • Ability to change lock screen shortcuts


  • Offline Mode
  • Ability to choose if Full Screen or Notification Alert Style

Control Center

  • Location Toggle
  • VPN Toggle
  • Album Art as background for Music Controls

Lock Screen

  • Whether next to the clock
  • New Dynamic Wallpapers
  • Lock Screen Complications 


  • Swipe in Keyboard feature
  • More shortcuts under Keyboard 


  • Ability to Lock Apps
  • Files
    • External Storage Support
  • App Store 
    • Uninstall Apps from App Store
  • Books
    • .cbr and .cbz Support
    • Audiobooks in iCloud
  • Camera
    • Change Camera Settings in Camera App
    • Pro Mode
  • Shortcuts
    • Location Triggers
    • Calender Triggers
    • Alarm Triggers
  • Wallet
    • Work NFC/RFID Support
  • Reminders
    • Total Revamp
  • Settings
    • Do Not Disturbing
    • More Options and Specific App Rules
    • Accessibility
      • Faster  AssistiveTouch animation
      • Intelligent AssistiveTouch movements


  • Unlimited Photo Storage for HEVC and HEIC Photos only.



  • Sleep tracking
  • Always-on display
  • Hide or Delete 1st Party Apps
  • Time Travel


  • Messages
  • iCloud Messages

Watch Faces

  • 3rd Party Faces



  • TV
    • Netflix Integration 


  • What do you think? Click the link below to suggest some features.

If you would like to add anything to the list, just to this link, it will take you to Typeface to fill out the suggestion form. This is the link we were talking about!